Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Bard of Montreal

I did it! Finally, I saw Leonard Cohen live. And he was awe-inspiring.

The man is a Poet. I would like to read more of his early poetry. I have his recent Book of Longing, but it is more of a doodle-book of poems. Cohen saves his best lyrics for his songs.

Less than half-way into the first song, I had that urgent need to write. Ideas were lighting off each other in my head, like Cohen had tossed a match into a fireworks factory. (Apparently, this is the same effect a woman's orgasm has on her mind. Makes you think.)

I was inspired.

Leonard Cohen has some of the best lines in music. I had tears in my eyes when he gave a spoken word introduction to 'Anthem':
Rings the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack, a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

I would give anything to be half as sexy as Cohen when I'm 76. Who am I kidding? I would give anything to be half as sexy as he is right now.

The ladies in the audience went wild when Cohen sang 'I'm Your Man':
If you want a father for your child
Or only want to walk with me a while
Across the sand
I'm your man
They all reacted in their own way. Two women sitting next to me spontaneously combusted. Another, sitting three rows in front and slightly to the left, evaporated in her seat, turning into a small cloud of steam which floated across the heads of the audience and condensed as a light sheen on Leonard's neck.

Cohen is the common man's dream: he proves that you don't have to look like Ronan Keating, sing like Jeff Buckley or dance like Justin Timberlake to have luck with the ladies. Oh, but you do have to have the words.

Yay! Poets have a shot.

I wish.

Here is the best love song ever, followed by a great poem 'A Thousand Kisses Deep':

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