Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Finally, a new poem

Back to the Sea

The water in our bodies has a memory
It recognises its kin and is calm
When we sit on a cliff by the sea

Our bodies rock with the waves
Memories of mother’s lullabies
And submerged heartbeats

The water in our bodies has a memory
The water in me is drawn
To the water in you

Sea Monkeys in my veins dance
Energy of darting schools and fanning tails
And the tide in me comes into your beach

My heart beats like a sprinkler on a hot day
My breath apexes like a dolphin’s leap,
Before falling back with a suction gulp

Our souls are liquid
We will always flow back to the sea
And crash against the rocks
Whitewater twisting, braided licks skyward

Until we fall into green

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