Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The new CJ Bowerbird album is out!

Well, that's the Christmas presents sorted.

I have just sent the master of my first ever CD to the printers, in time for the Cannibal Kittens and Dubious Mothers gig this Friday.

I am really happy with it, but I feel a little strange. If I did this with a novel it would be vanity publishing. But with audio it is 'unearthed'.

My other half bought me studio time as a birthday gift, which was good, because apparently it is quite expensive. I was well prepared, which helped, and ran through two takes for most of my poems, three if I stuffed something up. Even then, it took three and a half hours to record and master what ended up being just over 30 min of performance poetry.

I will see how it sells, but in any case it is useful to have recordings to share with venues, poetry podcasts, promoters, A&R reps, etc. If I can work out a way to order it through my blog, I will do that too.

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