Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Literally the only thing that matters

I performed at a very rewarding gig on Saturday night - Literally the only thing that matters: Traverse Poetry, part of the You Are Here festival.

The event's format, venue and combination of performers was untested, but it worked very well, mostly due to the efforts of Julian Fleetwood. The performers were myself, Ira Gamerman (US), Claire Reilly (Syd), Jess Bellamy (Syd), Mirando Lello, Ben Keaney and Tasnim Hossain. The venue was an empty shopfront - a huge open space of concrete, glass and exposed ceilings.

The format revolved around the seven performers spreading out in the space and performing for 45 minutes. The audience rotated between the performers as they liked. Each performer had a slightly different approach - Claire clutched a bottle of gin, in character the whole time; Ira narrated his facebook slideshow in front of a projector; and Ben channelled the thoughts of a cactus. It was chaotic and it loud, but it worked.

I gave my audience a menu of poems to choose from.

I managed to perform all of the poems on offer, although Canberra and Party got a pretty good going over.

At the end of the evening, we all performed a piece or two to the whole audience, who were fantastic. There was a great crowd of around 30 people there. I loved performing in front of them.

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