Friday, April 1, 2011

Bicycle girl at the lights

Your legs make calligraphy ‘Ls’ with ease
Propelling your own wind machine
Hair flowing stroking cheek flicks
Your face held high

Helmetless, you are willing to take a chance
Sexy linking of vulnerability and pride
Tall, shoulders back but elbows loose:
Independence on a bike

You make the city cosmopolitan
A little Copenhagen cobbles and long blacks
You read novels about impossible love
Your palms itch when you lie

You do something in design or fashion
While listening to Iron & Wine
You apply makeup to Beyonce and Jay-Z
Your tongue poking to the side

Your stockinged leg lazily circles
Languid ellipses as you lean on the pole
The lights change and you glide leaving
A gap in the air like a sigh.

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