Saturday, June 4, 2011

Corners Parts 3 and 4

Here is the second half:

3   I have an interactive concept: a dot-to-dot verse painting. Here is a stanza, with every fifth word a point. You join the dots in your mind, use straight lines and the curved form of the poem will appear.

Got it? Here we go:

      corner          cycle      
     complained        tangential     
                          slid      sparks       fire      cheek.



4   My mother told me to marry a trapezium.
Trapeziums are sure and safe.
Just enough corners to hint at danger,
But stable, solid-based.

She said never trust an ellipse.
An ellipse flips between two centres
And rocks between heaven and hell.

Mobius strips give me nightmares.
Death is a dot.
Eternal life is a mobius strip.

No, I’m more of a straights man.
I never made good Hot Wheels tracks when I was a kid,
But in the face of a strong breeze I flew a mean kite.


I like the third section and I think it works. I actually wrote two sentences and then selected every 4th or 5th word. (I cheated a little to make it sound better). I know what the original sentences are, but now that I read it I can see different meanings and nuances in it. Some minds of a certain persuasion (you know who you are) read an entirely different meaning into it. I think that's cool.

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