Sunday, June 26, 2011

Phrase Trains

On Friday night, at the usual monthly Traverse slam, we competing poets had a surprise: as there was only five of us, Arbitrary Andrew (yes, that's his real name) decided there would be two rounds. So we all had to pull out a second piece to perform. And so, we did.

The poem I performed is an old one that I posted here previously. Here it is again:

I really like this poem, although it is nonsense. I enjoy the stream of consciousness lyrics of Stephen Malkmus (from Pavement) and Beck, so I tried to replicate them. I had a rough idea and then let it flow. I think it worked out well. I went back to smooth out the rhythm and change some of the words and phrases to align roughly with the broad theme (which only appeared after I had drafted the poem).

This is a great poem to perform (the recording does not give any indication of the possibilities for gestures) and it has grown as I have performed it.

Choo choo!

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