Monday, July 4, 2011

My First Paid Gig

This Saturday. Gorman House Markets. My first paid gig.

Well, I have had a rider of sorts before (one free drink), but this time it is cash money. Not that I need it, unlike most poets, but it is nice to be wanted.

I will be a feature poet at The Ghost of the Gorman House Man Hatin' Matron Poetry Open Mic With-out a Microphone but with a Milk Crate on Saturday 9 July, starting at 12pm. This monthly event has been run by Andrew Galan for the past two months and has been a great success. I will be performing a poem to get things started and doing a 15-20 min set somewhere in the middle.

I am really looking forward to hearing other people's works. As an open mic, there is a lot of opportunity for creative readings and there is no competition involved.

Now I need to work out a set list....

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