Sunday, August 7, 2011

A poem from the past

Three things compete for my favourite element of poetry slams: experiencing the audience's reaction to my poetry; hearing the performances of others; and talking to the fascinating people who turn up to these events. At last month's Traverse Poetry slam, I met someone I had not seen for twenty years.

It was a very nostalgic meeting, for several reasons. One of these was that my re-found friend reminded me of the period of my life when I last wrote poetry regularly (but not necessarily well). (And not to say that I write well in this period, either).

This poem was inspired by her. It makes me cringe a little now, but I did smile when I dug it out of an old notebook.

That Black Foal
(For Danyell)

Look there! That black foal that
Dances and speeds
On the fields like velvet.
Shine, dark horse,
Your sides foaming with life,
Wheeling and turning,
Chasing and breathing,
The sweet thick smell
Of mown grass in your nostrils.

So gloss her sides
So bright her eyes

I saw her glance at me,
And I swear,
She flashed white and
      From her brow
            A horn.

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