Tuesday, September 4, 2012

National Poetry Week 2

Day 2. On track so far...

A poet to listen to

I am going to go back to one of the first performance poets that inspired me and got me hooked on slam poetry. Rives is an American poet and performer, who is mostly known for his Def Poetry Jam performances and appearances at TED conferences. Rives is a great performer, effortlessly combining stagecraft with verse.

Here is one of my favourite Rives performances.

Be sure to stay on You Tube for a while and browse his other videos. The TED emoticon story is amazing.

A blog to link to

Keeping the Brisbane theme going, I recommend Eleanor Jackson's blog. Eleanor is a regular performer, she keeps feeding her blog and has just declared her niche to be Cycling Poetry. I think that is way cool.

An exercise to write to

Check out the Poets & Writers website for a comprehensive collection of writing prompts for all genres.

Here is one I particularly liked:

Focus this week on collecting images, drawing on as wide a range of sources as possible. Cull family albums for interesting photos, visit online archives of images, cut out images from magazines or newspapers, take photos of buildings, billboards, birds—anything that strikes you as you make your way through each day. At the end of the week, assemble these on a table or tape them to a wall in your work space. Write a poem inspired by this collage.

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