Wednesday, September 5, 2012

National Poetry Week 3

A poet to read

Today I have a poem by a Wollongong poet, Joel Ephraims. More than just any poem, it was the winner of the 2011 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. It is titled Rock Candy and can be read here. I have mentioned it on my blog before. It just keeps giving something more each time you read it. I hope I get to meet Joel in Wollongong when I travel there for a poetry event.

A blog to link to

Melbourne this time. Here is the website of Melbourne Spoken Word, maintained by the core of Melbourne performance poets - people such as Randall Stephens and Benjamin Solah. It has great links to events, poets and general Melbourney poetry thingys.

An exercise to write to

Begin a poem with one of these lines:
  • One of these days...
  • Today was meant to be the day...
  • That was the last day [I/he/she]...
  • The day I ______
You could just start the poem with the chosen line or you could repeat the line at the beginning of each stanza. A variation could involve changing the line slightly with each stanza. For example, 'Today was meant to be the last day I slept past noon' for the first stanza, then 'Today was meant to be the last day I drank before I ate' for the second, etc.

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