Friday, September 7, 2012

National Poetry Week 5

A poem to read

From the Red Room Company, here is a poem by Andy Kissane, titled The Smell of the Sea. It is from the Red Room's project 'The Disappearing', which places poems about locations into an iPhone and Android app.

Have a look around the Red Room Company's website while you are there.

A blog to link to

Randall Stephens is a Melbourne poet who is known for his engaging performances and pith helmet. His blog, which he regularly seeds with new poems, is titled Tales Told by an Idiot.

An exercise to write to

Taylor Mali is a legend in American slam poetry. A former teacher, he has graciously loaded five lesson plans to his website. Designed for teachers to use, they can also be used as writing prompts at home. I particularly liked the Answer to an Unasked Question. They can be found here.

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