Thursday, December 13, 2012

what I forgot

when I was wedgetail, I was
beak clever and feather proud. I would
comb the contours of convection,
tickle the fickle wind, patient as mountains,
gliding on grace.

I was perspective,
hunting with the sun, picking
twitches and pinning dashes,
tracing the lines of fires,
taking what the earth expelled,
picnicing over a blanket of gum haze
brushing cirrus with my crown.

now I am human.
I don’t need the wind to fly.
now I am human.
I don’t need perspective to see all.

when I was brown snake, I was all
tongue and curls, painting
pictures by taste, hearing the
heartbeat of the earth, the
silent guru on the rock, making
pronouncements with a tap.

I was sun dial, heat soak,
at the end of each day carrying
hydrogen’s wisdom into the ground.

now I am human, loud and straight.
now I am human, I make my own heat

when I was fox, I was
heartbeats and whiskers, a
red shift arrow across sable,
racing headlights to brush cover
bushy tail taunting another dash done.

I was noisy chased but in the
dark, breath tight, I was
silent stalker, opportune and gamble,
chicken fright and mouse carrier.

unaware I was out of place
curled with my cubs as
sun brought out the hounds.

now I am human, afraid of nothing
now I am human, ever in place

when we were bogong moth, we
carried the somnolent powder of
winter on our bodies and the
moon on our wings. we lived in
squats, congregated in cathedral eaves and
stencilled the walls of caves, clutched quivering together.

we were gate crashers, couch surfers and
story tellers, prophets and revelators,
revealing the tale of time, making circles in the night air.

now we are human, beyond time.
now we are human, we do not care
what we forget.


  1. I like 'the somnolent powder of / winter on our bodies / and the moon on our wings'. It's a great description of the moths. Reading the first stanza put me in mind of the Bunjil stories. And humans...are we really beyond time?

  2. Thanks Kim, I particularly like those lines too. Some of us believe we are beyond time. I don't.