Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Postcard Poem Project

Last year, I participated in a Postcard Poem Project initiated by the US performance poet, Christian Drake. Organising through the powers of Facebook, Christian asked for poets from anywhere in the world to email him their names and addresses. He then allocated each participant two addressees to woo with poetry. Poems were scratched, sketched and scrawled on the back of postcards and mailed across the globe.

I bought Canberra postcards from Smith's Alternative Bookshop and sent my poems off to Loudon, New Hampshire and New York, NY. I added my email address, in case my recipients would like a new poetry penpal. I only received one postcard in return, with no personal details other than the image of Los Angeles on the card.

My poems were inspired by the cards I wrote them on. Consequently, they had themes of place and home. One card had a night sky, which inevitably drew thoughts of stars. Similarly, the poem I received echoed the city of Los Angeles.

Here is one of the poems I wrote:

From my back porch, I see hearts break
And bad poetry;
I see promises made and the
Sparkle of regret;
I see sparks flung and propositions caught,
Globes spun and shapes wrought.
In the distance, I see the
Future and the Past
Meet briefly, brush cheeks, and
Blush passing.

Christian Drake has a fantastic performance presence. His poems are full of nature and animality. One of his poems has Christian roaming through the crowd, a werewolf baying for blood. He has an album on Bandcamp titled Kill Starlings.

Here is werewolf:

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