Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The year that was 2013

I am not generally a maker of New Year's resolutions. It's not that I don't agree with making commitments, more that I don't stop often enough to check my progress against them.

But as I write and perform more poetry, I am finding it offers ample opportunities to reflect. Why did I write that poem? What do I want to do next? Which poem should I be working on now?

This year I am going to write down my performance poetry ambitions. Hopefully by stating these publicly, I will be committing to making them come true. Perhaps.

Anyway, here is the post I am going to write at the end of this year.


The year that was 2013

Poetically, 2013 has been the most productive and rewarding year of my life. This year, I have:

  • Performed at literary festivals in China, Indonesia and Australia
  • Featured at poetry gigs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and New Zealand
  • Performed and recorded my poetry with musicians
  • Written and performed work with other poets
  • Developed a complete, themed show, based on my poetry, and performed it in Canberra and at the Queensland Poetry Festival
  • Had one of my poems featured on the Indiefeed Performance Poetry podcast
  • Been published in Going Down Swinging, my favourite Australian literary journal
  • Completed the first draft of my verse play
I have been blessed this year by more than one person saying:
  • Your poetry has inspired me to write
  • Your poem made me cry
  • I really learnt something from your workshop
  • How can I get into slam?
I have also been able to achieve a lot in preparation for 2014, by:
  • Being accepted into a drama program to develop and stage my verse play
  • Having enough quality material to record and release a new album in 2014
  • Meeting the people behind Liner Notes - Sean M Whelan, Emily Zoe Baker and Michael Nolan - not just because I love their work but also because I need to be part of of Liner Notes, at least once

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  1. No brainer, you'll do at least most of that - and didn't I tell you already that seeing you perform inspired me to write???? So you can tick that one off the list.