Sunday, April 21, 2013

Poetry in Motion slam - Wellington, NZ

In a stroke of astrological alignment, I happened to be in Wellington, New Zealand, for work the night of the April Poetry in Motion slam. It turns out Wellington has a strong poetry scene with some dedicated organisers and a bunch of great writers and performers.

Ali Jacs, the current NZ slam champ, is a Wellington local and naturally won the slam on the night. Here is an example of her politically-inspired, image-rich work:

In another hit of coincidence, the feature poet of the night was Laurie May from the Northern Territory. I met Laurie at the Australian Poetry Slam finals last year and was looking forward to a full set of her work. I was not disappointed. Funny, engaging and socially-minded, Laurie's pieces were fantastic.

Here is a taste:

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  1. Thanks Mr Bowerbird! You're a bit fab aren't you? Laurie x