Monday, November 4, 2013

TEDxCanberra, Part 1

One of the most rewarding things I have done this year was perform at TEDxCanberra. Being one of a group of inspiring speakers, musicians and performers, sharing our hearts and minds with 600 receptive people, was very heart-warming.

I had been planning for sometime to nominate myself for TEDx, but very satisfyingly, I was approached first by Stephen Collins, the licensee and curator of TEDxCanberra. I immediately accepted his request to perform and began planning my piece.

Building on We Are the Poem, I wanted to share in verse what creativity and poetry mean to me, and encourage the audience to find their own poems.

At the rehearsal the day before, I found out I was to open the event. This added to my nerves - leading off was challenging, knowing the inspiring talks that were to follow. And I had no real idea how the audience would accept a talk in verse.

A Poet Quietly Panicking
Photo: Adam Thomas
It went really well. I was very happy with the audience response, during my piece and afterwards in breaks. Here it is in full:

On HerCanberra, Charly Leetham gives a good example of the type of feedback I got during the day and afterwards:
The day started with a poetry slam from CJ Bowerbird - I really have to say I’m not the artistic sort. I prefer my information straight up without the frills, so I wasn’t expecting to even understand this session let alone connect with it. How wrong could I be? I admit, I simply did not GET some of it – but I got the gist and I appreciated it! CJ’s delivery was fabulous and it set the scene for the rest of the day.
That sort of reaction was typical. I got a lot of 'I don't normally listen to poetry, but...' or 'that didn't sound like the poetry I know. I liked it'.

Charly is exactly the sort of person I was trying to reach. I was so pleased I was able to do so.

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