Monday, September 8, 2014

Ellis Collective Album Launch Post Mortem

Wow. Just wow.

The Ellis Collective. Kira Puru. The Street Theatre.

This was one of the most rewarding gigs I've done. Being able to perform a few poems in front of such an attentive and receptive audience, and then introduce two incredibly moving acts, was dream worthy.

The Unicorn of Awesome T-shirt
(Adam Thomas)
I performed six poems:

The Silent Poem (with Emma Kelly on violin)
Red Charts, Red Hands

I wrote "Ellis" specifically for the event, on a train ride with a stanza of Canberra poets the day before. Here it is:


I'm in your songs,
sitting, always sitting
on a verandah, or a stump, or the
ground alone,

Or perhaps with someone in the
background, out of focus, but
never in my sight,

Bare feet, always worn jeans, 
bare-sleeved, hands always
empty, or holding a stubby, or
a letter, or a rock,

Forehead heavy, face twitching, 
dry-eyed with a chestful of
cocked sobs, the
butterflies dead in my
stomach years ago, feet
heavy as the trunks of
her clothes,

There is the sound of a
crow, or a saw, or a
shovel in hard soil, the
smell of eucalyptus, or
smoke, or hot tin,

Besser blocks of sun on my back,
dusty ant puncturing my

I feel like I should be
moving, or I am moving, but
getting nowhere, or I've just
returned, or I've always been
right here, I've never left.

Then your voice fades like the tactless sun,
I tear the page from my notebook,
Crush it like a drained tinnie,
Drop it to the dirt where it
Lands with thud which
Springs me up

And I stride on.

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