Saturday, September 6, 2014

Wordsmith Opening Words Pt 2

At the opening of Wordsmith at M16 Art space on 21 August, I performed Knowing the Trick Spoils the Magic and then followed with these words:


That poem gives a little insight into my creative process. The wonder of an exhibition such as Wordsmith is that it gives you an insight into the creative processes of a collection of writers and artists, and the interaction between those processes.

Creativity is essential to my identity, to who I am. Creativity grows me in two ways. It teaches me about myself. I often write something and then think: “I didn’t know that was inside me”. Creativity also teaches me about others. Seeing the responses in the eyes of the audience or talking to them after I have shared my work brings me closer to other people. It illustrates the connections between all of us, the common elements of humanity we all share. But it also highlights that how we experience, interpret and reflect the human condition varies between us.

The ability to find our own expression of the human condition in art is its essential beauty. I believe the defining characteristic of art is ambiguity. It is the space an artist creates for the reader, listener, viewer to live within the work, allowing them to interpret and experience the work through their own frame of reference.

In this sense, Wordsmith delivers four times the value of a conventional exhibition. Firstly, you have the opportunity to lose yourself in the writer’s words. Then you can experience the depiction of truth found in the work of visual art. You can marvel at the interaction between the artist’s response to the words and the original writing. Finally, the two pieces beside each other create a whole new work, that is bigger than either piece alone.

Four times the value!

I would like to thank Sarah Norris for curating such a talented group of artists and including me within that group. Congratulations to M16 Artspace for sharing this exhibition with all of you. And I commend my fellow artists, Gina, Jackie, Julian, Ian, Caren, Sarah, Yolande and Nigel. It is truly an honour to be included among you.

So, please enjoy the glimpses we have provided behind the screen. I hope you can find some of your own magic within.

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