Monday, November 24, 2014

Upcoming Gigs

I have two very exciting gigs coming up, to end my year in Canberra before I make the trek to Woodford Folk Festival. I am going to do something special for each gig.

C.R. Avery
 The first is supporting C.R. Avery at The Front Gallery & Cafe on Thursday 27 November. C.R. is an incredible spoken word artist, beat boxer, rapper and musician from Canada. I will be performing a 30 minute set that will be a retrospective of my work so far. It will contain poems from my six years of spoken word performance, from my first slam poem to a new poem never heard before. I am looking forward to exploring the changes I have seen in my writing and performance over this time. It is only right that I share these changes with an audience, one of the primary sources of my inspiration and innovation.

Sean M Whelan and the Mime Set

The second is the last Bloody Lips gig for 2014. Sean M Whelan and the Mime Set, a Melbourne spoken word band, will headline in what is likely to be its last performance ever. (See Sean's solo work here).

For a change, I will also be performing. Local songwriter, singer, musician and poet, Julia Johnson, will be joining me in a special performance. It will include new and old works from both me and Julia, supported by music. Zoe Anderson will also perform a set of her whimsical, narrative poetry.

I am really looking forward to these gigs. I will be performing with some incredibly talented people and will get to showcase some of my favourite poems.

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